Tuesday, December 07, 2004
There's a presidential election in Ghana today:
Millions of Ghanaians headed to the polls on Tuesday, with analysts predicting that voters would give President John Kufuor another four years at the helm of the West African country which has built a reputation as a haven of democracy and stability.

Three other candidates are vying with the incumbent for the ballots of some 10 million registered voters in Ghana's fourth multi-party elections since the end of military rule in 1992.

Kufuor is a much better president than most in Africa. He's strongly supported press freedom in Ghana, which has led to a very vibrant, yet civil, political dialogue. Looks like the elections are going to come off peacefully, so Ghana is once again setting an example for its neighbors. Here's hoping it's a trend.

William F. Buckley writes about the UN, John Danforth and other things.

Sunday, December 05, 2004
Here's a useful metric of Robert Mugabe's misrule in Zimbabwe: 2-3 million Zimbabweans appear to have emigrated.

Belmont Club has a long post about the status of the UN peacekeeping mission in Congo. Calling this mission ineffective is certainly an understatement. In fact, the UN's behavior in the Congo seems indicative of a larger problem:
The key problem facing the United Nations is lack of accountability not to its constituent institutions, though it lacks that, but to the individual inhabitants of the world. Its inefficiency, corruption and fantasy policies are the result and not the cause of its problems. Nowhere is that failure more evident on a macro scale than in Kofi Annan himself and his management of the Oil-For-Food Programme.

I'm by no means an expert on this sort of thing, but I think the UN peacekeeper model falls short because each deployment begins and ends without clear military and political goals. The result is that UN peacekeepers never know who they are supposed to be fighting against (today's enemy is tomorrow's partner for peace) and they never know what they are fighting for (a brokered dictatorship is as good as a democracy as long as the result is "peaceful").

No wonder morale is low among the peacekeepers.

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