Wednesday, September 10, 2003
Here's a story about modern slavery:
In the fishermen's village, the children have been sleeping in very crowded rooms and could not even wash their clothes, said Mr Taylor.

The fishermen, who claim they were not aware of their wrongdoing, say they were helping the "parents to earn some kind of a living", when they paid the destitute families up to 1.5m cedis ($180) per boy.

It's hard to believe that the fishermen weren't "aware of their wrongdoing." Slavery's been illegal in Ghana for quite a while.

Sadly, life in Ghana is tough even for kids who aren't slaves. I'd say that sleeping in crowded rooms and having a poor diet are common experiences for most Ghanaian children. That's not nice, but it's unfortunately the way life is for...well, most people in the world.

Now the US is offering to mediate new talks aimed at ending Uganda's war with the LRA:
US Ambassador Jimmy Kolker said in Kampala yesterday that his country supported peaceful resolution of the north conflict, "but there should be no compromise on any outcome that would allow terrorism to continue."

Speaking at a conference on terrorism, peace and conflict organised by Always Be Tolerant Organisation, Kolker, said his country would like to facilitate the dialogue to relieve the people of the rebel atrocities.

"We are already looking at ways in which we can be helpful but a ground needs to be set because the dialogue is going to be between Ugandans," he said.

The Ugandan government has held multiple negotiations with the rebels, but it's never led to a lasting agreement...nor has it ended the terrorist attacks. It's not clear to me how American mediation will improve that situation.

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